Keep Dallas Safe Demands Preparedness Plan from Dallas City Leaders after "Defund" Vote; Will Hold Rally on October 2nd

(, September 28, 2020 ) Dallas, Texas -- In the aftermath of the Dallas City Council’s vote to “defund” the Dallas Police overtime budget, Keep Dallas Safe is demanding that Dallas leaders show the Dallas community how they plan to keep the city safe as tensions simmer surrounding the contentious general election.

Keep Dallas Safe spokesperson Amy Gibson had the following statement,

We are living in one of the most contentious periods of recent American history. Full blown riots are assailing cities across the country. Extremists are causing loss of lives and property. Yet Dallas City Council just stripped away the extra funds our city needs to pay officers during a crisis. We are fighting back against these dangerous efforts. We invite all people to join us at the rally and in our movement to tell Dallas leaders that we need a plan to make sure our city is ready in the case of unrest. We cannot and will not stand for the prospect of our downtown being destroyed like we saw in Portland, Chicago, and Kenosha. Our city cannot be caught unprepared.

Keep Dallas Safe will be holding a rally at City Hall Plaza on Friday October 2nd at 7PM to demand the re-funding of the police overtime budget, show support for law enforcement, and demand a detailed plan for dealing with unrest.

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Keep Dallas Safe
Amy Gibson
(817) 675-3641

Source: EmailWire.Com
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