Moms on Watch: Ni-Q Summary Judgement Illustrates Prolacta’s Deceptive Business Practices

(, October 08, 2020 ) The watchdog group notes the summary judgement motion claims Prolacta filed “unmistakably false affidavits” and asks “Will the spineless board members EVER stand up to Scott Elster and do the right thing?”

Los Angeles, CA -- Moms on Watch, the watchdog group committed to ensuring that mother’s milk is safe, affordable, and accessible to all who need it, released the following statement in response to the recently filed Motion for Summary Judgement of U.S. District Court of Oregon, Case No. 3:17-cv-934-SI against Prolacta filed by Ni-Q is just one of many groups that have been litigating with Prolacta for allegedly duplicitous conduct.

Ni-Q has courageously shone a light on Prolacta’s allegedly dishonest tactics used to secure its patents. Patent law may seem dull but it is through patents that Big Pharma companies like Prolacta bully smaller companies and force them out of business to corner a market. The motion cites that Prolacta engages in knowingly dishonest conduct to secure patents and that Scott Elster, its CEO, said that “the patent office is too stupid to notice”. Well, Mr. Elster, we noticed. Ni-Q noticed. And in time, we hope that the public too will notice. Parents across the country should not be forced to be price gouged and forced to pay a company accused of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, anti-gay discrimination, hostile workplace, and misuse of donor DNA. Will the spineless board members at Prolacta EVER stand up to Scott Elster? Or will they continue to back slap while the company continues to spiral towards moral degradation—the opposite of the so-called values professed by its rich white male venture capitalist backers.

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