New book, written by a clinical psychologist, reveals how the manic personality of Donald Trump created a chaotic style of governance that appeals to a specific personality type, and offers a prediction of the 2020 election.


(, October 16, 2020 ) – Denver, CO and New York, NY – Outskirts Press—the fastest-growing, full-service self-publishing and book marketing company—is pleased to announce the release of a new non-fiction book by clinical psychologist Peter A. Magaro that merges politics with psychology: The Manic Personality and the Trump Presidency: The Governance of Donald Trump, His Followers: The Trumpets, and the November Elections.

While historical and current politics are essential to understanding social actions such as revolutions or elections, underneath dwell the joys and despairs that form a person who psychologically fits a particular social action so well that he can be seen as creating the social event. But social actions do not occur in a vacuum devoid of people. Their needs and wants fill the social stage until they coalesce into a recognizable form, which is the shape of a public group. The decision for social action originates under the skin; only later is it a recognizable social group with a defined leader who comes to define the time. And in these times, that leader is Donald Trump.

The Manic Personality and the Trump Presidency reveals the manic personality, the leader and major force behind the current social reality. The Trump administration is the ONLY form of governance that could emerge from this personality, and only by understanding this personality type will we be able to understand what Donald Trump will do now and in the future.

Then we have the Trump supporters, the Trumpets. They are of the depressive personality and serve as a counterpoint to the manic personality and will be a critical factor in the 2020 election. Understanding the personality structure of the leader and the follower allows Dr. Magaro to predict the electoral vote in November and, more importantly, the Trump counteraction to the results. However, no matter how dramatic and serious the social situation, in the end it all comes back to understanding the posturing of one personality type: the manic personality.

"The media have attributed Trump's move out of hospital, either by his drive around in a SUV or his news report-ready return to the WH, to his trying to appear strong and powerful, but that is wrong. Understanding Trump as a Manic Personality leads to the prediction that he is entering a Manic episode and his sole motive is to get attention/affection.

His reaction to the virus will be escalating acts to generate attention and non judgemental affection. It is reasonable to expect further bizarre actions such as trying to fly the presidential helicopter or sky diving to stay the center of attention. If the mask prevents showing signs of adoration and there is further decrease in approval ratings, there will be greater escalation into acts of look-at-me as he enters a full bipolar episode."

“While writing about the manic personality, I found a publicized, heralded manic personality right before me on TV and in the media,” Dr. Magaro explains. “President Trump consequently became the muse for this in-depth view of this personality type.”

For more information, visit the author’s website at outskirtspress/manicpersonalityandtrumppresidency.

At 100 pages, The Manic Personality and the Trump Presidency is available online through Outskirts Press. It is also sold through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the non-fiction book category.

ISBN: 978-1-9772-3452-0 Format: 6 x 9 paperback Retail: $19.95 eBook: $5.00

Genre: NON-FICTION / Psychology

About the Author: Dr. Peter A. Magaro is an author of many books in clinical psychology and over 50 articles in professional journals. He has been studying personality types for over 25 years, developing the specifications for what would be the manic personality as well as other social actors such as the depressive personality. He has been a professor of psychology at leading universities and was the founder and director of the Memory Training Centers of America. Dr. Magaro currently lives in Forest Hills, New York, with his wife and children.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press, Inc. represents the future of book publishing, today.

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