Biotech Law

Nanotechnology-based restorative materials for dental caries management

Mary A.S. Melo, Sarah F.F. Guedes, Hockin H.K. Xu, Lidiany K.A. Rodrigues. • Dental caries remains a challenge to the improvement of oral health.• Nanotechnology has contributed with new strategies to combat dental caries.• Novel nano-….

Inverting hydrolases and their use in enantioconvergent biotransformations

Markus Schober, Kurt Faber. • Enantioconvergent processes overcome the 50%-yield limits of kinetic resolution.• Inverting enzymes are key catalysts for enantioconvergent processes.• Enzyme….

Artificial spores: cytoprotective nanoencapsulation of living cells

Daewha Hong, Matthew Park, Sung Ho Yang, Juno Lee, Yang-Gyun Kim, Insung S. Choi. • Formation of ultrathin, robust shells without jeopardizing living cells is a prerequisite for development of artificial spores.• Artificial spores emulate the cyto….

Rapid FTIR chemical imaging: highlighting FPA detectors

Konrad M. Dorling, Matthew J. Baker. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is an established analytical technique that measures molecular bond vibrations via infrared absorption. The technique traditionally obtains single sp….

Genetic engineering of multispecies microbial cell factories as an alternative for bioenergy production

Juan Cesar Federico Ortiz-Marquez, Mauro Do Nascimento, Jonathan Philip Zehr, Leonardo Curatti. • Photosynthetic microbes have potential to become prominent sources of bioenergy.• It is presumed that potential could be realized only after genetic engineering of….

Proteins behaving badly: emerging technologies in profiling biopharmaceutical aggregation

Zahra Hamrang, Nicholas J.W. Rattray, Alain Pluen. • There is a current need for evolution of analytical methodologies used.• Introduction of novel and emerging technologies and limitations.• Potential applicati….

Imprinted polymers assisting protein crystallization

Emmanuel Saridakis, Naomi E. Chayen. • Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) can be used to induce formation of protein crystals.• Proteins act as templates for their own crystallization.• MIPs wer….

Overview of clinical flow cytometry data analysis: recent advances and future challenges

Carlos E. Pedreira, Elaine S. Costa, Quentin Lecrevisse, Jacques J.M. van Dongen, Alberto Orfao. • Polychromatic flow cytometry generates increasingly complex n-dimensional data sets.• New tools are being created for objective flow cytometry data analysis….

Mesoscale modeling: solving complex flows in biology and biotechnology

Zachary Grant Mills, Wenbin Mao, Alexander Alexeev. • Mesocale methods are being used to investigate techniques for microfluidic sorting and enrichment of biological cells and other particles.• Dissipative particle dy….

The necessity of nuclear reactors for targeted radionuclide therapies

Gerard C. Krijger, Bernard Ponsard, Mark Harfensteller, Hubert T. Wolterbeek, Johannes W.F. Nijsen. • Nuclear reactors remain essential for the production of radionuclides for medicine.• The main reactors used will close before 2025.• Alternative radionuclide ….