Biotech Law

On-line monitoring of large cultivations of microalgae and cyanobacteria

Ivo Havlik, Patrick Lindner, Thomas Scheper, Kenneth F. Reardon. • Cultivation of microalgae requires on-line monitoring for high productivity.• Technologies for on-line, in situ monitoring of process variables are reviewed….

ZFN, TALEN, and CRISPR/Cas-based methods for genome engineering

Thomas Gaj, Charles A. Gersbach, Carlos F. Barbas. • ZFNs, TALENs, and CRISPR/Cas-based RNA-guided DNA endonucleases are programmable site-specific nucleases.• Site-specific nucleases induce DNA DSBs that stimulate N….

Endogenous morphogens and fibrin bioscaffolds for stem cell therapeutics

Eduardo Anitua, Roberto Prado, Gorka Orive. • Endogenous growth factors and a fibrin scaffold support MSC expansion and transplantation.• Autologous growth factors can substitute for fetal bovine serum in all ….

An algorithm for the identification of genetically modified animals

Flavio Forabosco, Fredrik L. Sundström, Lotta Rydhmer. The diffusion of genetically modified (GM) animals has generated a demand for accurate and unique identification to assure compliance with relevant national and international legislation. Individu….

Laccase-mediated oxidation of small organics: bifunctional roles for versatile applications

Jong-Rok Jeon, Yoon-Seok Chang. • The diverse laccase-catalyzed oxidation reactions with small organics are classified into two types: catabolic and anabolic.• These bifunctional actions are readil….

Advancing bacteriophage-based microbial diagnostics with synthetic biology

Timothy K. Lu, Jayson Bowers, Michael S. Koeris.

Smelling the roses and seeing the light: gene therapy for ciliopathies

Jeremy C. McIntyre, Corey L. Williams, Jeffrey R. Martens. • Gene therapies have been successfully used in several mammalian ciliopathy models.• Rescued defects include cilia mobility, vision, and olfaction.• Overcoming….

Site-directed nucleases: a paradigm shift in predictable, knowledge-based plant breeding

Nancy Podevin, Howard V. Davies, Frank Hartung, Fabien Nogué, Josep M. Casacuberta. • SDNs deliver targeted mutations, gene modification, and DNA insertion.• SDNs may overcome constraints within conventional and transgenic plant breeding.• Some….