Biotech Law

Technologies for deriving primary tumor cells for use in personalized cancer therapy

Abhisek Mitra, Lopa Mishra, Shulin Li. • Immortalized cancer cell lines cannot meet the needs of personalized medicine.• Primary cells from solid tumors are important in personalized cancer therapy.•….

Microtools for single-cell analysis in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Kerry Routenberg Love, Sangram Bagh, Jonghoon Choi, J. Christopher Love. • Microtools for single-cell analysis with potential application in the pharmaceutical industry.• Key industry challenges in development of biologic drugs.• Und….

Exterior design: strategies for redecorating the bacterial surface with small molecules

Samir Gautam, Thomas J. Gniadek, Taehan Kim, David A. Spiegel. Highlights► New methods allow installation of small molecules on the surface of live bacteria. ► Bacterial chemical display allows applications that were not previously possible. ► Fields of basic….

Plant biotechnology: research behind fences

Jörg Romeis, Michael Meissle, Susanne Brunner, Denise Tschamper, Michael Winzeler. The government of Switzerland has responded to vandalism of field experiments with genetically modified (GM) crops by establishing a protected field site. This site will enable research groups to ….

Microfabricated devices in microbial bioenergy sciences

Arum Han, Huijie Hou, Lei Li, Hyun Soo Kim, Paul de Figueiredo. Highlights► Review of lab-on-a-chip devices for research and development of microbial bioenergy systems. ► Review of microfabricated microchemostat, miniaturized microalgal bioreactor, and microbi….

The greener synthesis of nanoparticles

Oxana V. Kharissova, H.V. Rasika Dias, Boris I. Kharisov, Betsabee Olvera Pérez, Victor M. Jiménez Pérez. Highlights► Review on ‘green’ methods for synthesis of nanoparticles using natural products. ► Polyphenols in plant extracts can act as chelating/reducing and capping agents. … Continue reading

Bioremediation, an environmental remediation technology for the bioeconomy

Iain M.M. Gillespie, Jim C. Philp. Bioremediation differs from other industrial biotechnologies in that, although bioremediation contractors must profit from the activity, the primary driver is regulatory compliance rather than man….

Biomass sustainability and certification

Krishna C. Pavanan, Roeland A. Bosch, Rob Cornelissen, Jim C. Philp. The major challenges for humanity include energy security, food security, climate change, and a growing world population. They are all linked together by an instinctive, and yet increasingly compl….

Synthetic biology: from hype to impact

Timothy S. Gardner.

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering in cancer detection and imaging

Marc Vendrell, Kaustabh Kumar Maiti, Kevin Dhaliwal, Young-Tae Chang. Highlights► Assays to quantify cancer biomarkers with high sensitivity and low sample volumes. ► Imaging of cancer cells, tissues, and small animals with multiplexed capabilities. ► Multimodal SER….