Insurance Law

Will your employer abandon health coverage under new law? – Pioneer Press

Some workers might find better coverage through state health exchanges, which are being created by the health law and will offer subsidies to many health insurance shoppers. At the same time, the law brings changes to group policies that could … Continue reading

The ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ Hoax in ObamaTax – Big Hollywood

We are told that one of the most “popular” features of the president’s signature “ObamaTax” health insurance law is one that prevents health insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. The left has …

Insurance options for young, healthy and broke – Dallas Morning News

Millions of young people will qualify for good deals on health care if they take time to sort through the complicated law. Many will get Medicaid coverage at virtually no cost. Others will qualify for private insurance at a fraction … Continue reading

Health care laws: Children’s Health Insurance Program – Examiner

The Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, provides low-cost insurance for families who do not qualify for Medicaid, yet do not earn enough income to purchase regular insurance coverage. The law is effective October 1, 2013, and is …

How the Health Insurance Mandate Penalty Will Work – Yahoo Finance

But the Supreme Court decision to uphold the law’s constitutionality has greatly increased the odds that the so-called individual mandate to have health insurance will be implemented over the next two years. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget …

Insurance laws no different (Mississippi Soundoff) – Mississippi Press

I am calling about the volunteers that help the elderly. They clean up and stuff. I wonder why our kids haven’t grown up to help people out. I think they would enjoy it. If some of the adults would take … Continue reading

Texas slashes estimate on cost to implement health law – Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN — Texas taxpayers will absorb $15.6 billion of additional costs if President Barack Obama’s health insurance law is fully implemented in the Lone Star State through 2023, state officials said Thursday, a dramatic reduction from the $ …

Maine Legislature tackled issues previous sessions ignored, first-term lawmaker says – Bangor Daily News

The Legislature also reformed Maine’s health insurance law to promote competition and bring the system more in line with the American mainstream. “We tackled a number of major issues that should have been addressed years ago,” she said.

Insurance claim attracted the attention of federal authorities in Outlaws probe – Indianapolis Star

was a car insurance claim that didn’t look right. The federal authorities who led the raid on the Outlaws’ Eastside clubhouse last week, arresting more than 40, describe a plot that was more “Three Stooges” than “Law and Order.” In … Continue reading

Missouri law to deny birth control coverage vetoed –

But the proposed law would have enabled insurance companies to deny coverage even if the employer and employee wanted it, Nixon said. “By doing so, the bill would shift authority to make decisions about access to contraceptive coverage away from … Continue reading