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Pennsylvania Voter ID Trial On Law’s Constitutionality Begins – Huffington Post

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The first legal test for Pennsylvania’s tough new voter identification law began Wednesday, with state lawyers calling the measure a completely rational step, while opponents contended it was a partisan scheme that violates …

Pa. Won’t Use Voter Fraud Argument At Hearing Over ID Law – NPR News

defending the laws in ongoing legal battles say the specter of fraud justifies requiring voters to verify their identity at the polls. The Supreme Court affirmed that argument by upholding Indiana’s voter ID law in 2008, ruling that states have … Continue reading

‘Sister Wives’ family challenges Utah bigamy law – Town Hall

Polygamy “opens up a whole can of legal worms that is not really opened with the same sex marriage issue,” said Stanford University constitutional law expert Jane Schacter. She noted that polygamy throughout history has been associated with …

Many drugs remain legal after ‘bath salts’ ban – Town Hall

Over the past two years, the U.S. has seen a surge in the use of synthetic drugs made of legal chemicals that mimic the dangerous … to bizarre and violent behavior across the country. Law enforcement officials refer to the … Continue reading

County attorney: Arizona has legal right to ban abortions – East Valley Tribune

For Montgomery, the issue goes beyond the legal question. “In the 40 years since Roe … But Crepps, representing one of three doctors who sued to block the law from taking effect as scheduled on Aug. 2, said it remains … Continue reading

New challenge filed to post-Blago campaign cash law – Crain’s Chicago Business

Under the law, political party committees can spend without legal limit in general elections, but individuals, political action committees and companies are limited to $5,000, $50,000 and $10,000, respectively. With political committees headed …

Legal challenge to Pennsylvania voter ID law begins in court – comcast.net

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — A legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s controversial voter identification law kicked off on Wednesday in … Terry Madonna, a political science professor and pollster at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Many drugs remain legal after "bath salts" ban – Denver Post

WASHINGTON—People are inventing so many new, legal ways to get high that lawmakers can’t seem … have been linked to bizarre and violent behavior across the country. Law enforcement officials refer to the drugs collectively as “bath salts …

‘Sister Wives’ polygamous family sues Utah, claims bigamy law is unconstitutional – Entertainment Weekly Online

The move came after Shurtleff assured the Browns they wouldn’t be prosecuted by the state under his policy that … under federal law in the U.S. since the 1860s. In 1887 and 1890, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected legal challenges … Continue reading

Lawyers Raking in Cash as Campaign Spending Hits Records – Bloomberg

The firm has been paid $26.2 million since 2000 to provide legal advice for candidates and others involved in politics. Since Toner became co-chairman with Baran of the election law and government ethics practice at Wiley Rein a year ago … Continue reading