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Tax Rules For Renting Out Your Vacation Home – Yahoo Finance

If the home is used for rental purposes, the homeowner will fall into one of three categories. According to tax laws, a vacation property can be rented out for up to two weeks (14 nights) each year without the need … Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Use These Tax Shelters – Wall Street Journal

Finally, an obvious, but important, reminder: Tax laws are tricky, and everyone’s circumstances are different. Check with your tax professional before making a move. —Brett Arends is a columnist at Jack Hough is on vacation.

Tax Rules For Renting Out Your Vacation Home – San Francisco Gate

Property rented for 14 days or less each year According to tax laws, a vacation property can be rented out for up to two weeks (14 nights) each year without the need to report the rental income. In this case, … Continue reading

Wells Fargo, Libor Defense, Tax Legislation: Compliance – Bloomberg

While the companies argued that under EU law such a tax can’t be imposed on companies that just use mobile-related infrastructure on public land, the Spanish government said the tax is lawful because the companies occupy public property.

Poll: Most Voters Consider Health Care Mandate a Tax – Slate

A new Quinnipiac University poll suggests that 55 percent of Americans say that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act is a tax hike, compared to only 36 percent who say that it is not. This “tax” v. “penalty” … Continue reading

Obamacare: Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act Would Prevent Taxing Catholic Church – Catholic Online

Our religious liberties are not bartering chips. Let’s not treat them that way. The Supreme Court has ruled that those fines or penalties for non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act are a tax. Thus, the Federal Government will soon tax … Continue reading

Mayor Sending Troops To Nashville To Change Annexation Tax Laws – WREG

(Memphis) The newest residents of Memphis made it clear they are worried about their upcoming tax bill. Homeowners living in parts of South Cordova were officially annexed July 1st. The On Your Side Investigators are looking into if there is … Continue reading

Apple And The Overseas Tax Showdown –

These hoards represent a showdown between the large multinational corporations and the government over taxes. US tax law requires that earnings of domestic corporations to be taxed domestically, even if those earnings are earned outside the US. Currently …

Voter ID: Poll Tax or Common Sense? – ABC News

“They have an effect of discouraging voters in a more indirect way than poll tax laws, which have the same effect but are much more obviously standing in the way of Democratic participation.” Both are “an impediment to voting,” Dailey … Continue reading

Poll: Majority of Voters Believe ‘Obamacare’ Is a Tax –

A majority of voters say that Democrats’ signature health reform law is a tax hike, according to a national poll from Quinnipiac University released on Thursday. More than half of those polled, 55 percent, say that the law is a … Continue reading