Tax Law

Tax Office Eyes Plumbers, IT Managers – Int’l Business Times

However, thousands of taxpayers may be hit by backdated tax laws in the ATO’s bid to apply the new rules to protect $1.9 billion in federal revenue. The possibility looms as the ATO plans to enforce the transfer-pricing bill which … Continue reading

NRIs filing India tax return: Don’t forget deemed rent – Times of India

As we approach the due date for filing tax returns in India for the year 2011-2012, let us look at a tax law relating to real estate that is peculiar to the Indian Income Tax. This law is applicable to … Continue reading

New York’s Film And TV Tax Credits: Corporate Welfare For Hollywood? – International Business Times

There’s no business like show business — and New York has the preferential tax laws to prove it. On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved yet another expansion to the state’s already robust incentive program for film and television production …

Sweeping Amazon Tax Fast Approaching – Forbes

Besides, it’s probably inevitable. The 45 states with sales and use tax laws are losing many billions every year. See Widespread Amazon And Internet Taxes Coming Soon. What’s more, their losses are getting progressively bigger as online …

Charities’ Abuse Of Tax Exemptions Is Putting Their Special Treatment At Risk – Forbes

But you should. Increasingly, these organizations are straying from the charitable work that drove Congress to grant them tax-exempt status in the first place. Instead, they are using the law to avoid tax on business profits or mask the …

Poll-tax amendment prohibits voter-ID laws – Philadelphia Daily News

In 1964, the American people enacted the 24th Amendment to prevent the exclusion of the poor from the ballot box. In his recent speech at the NAACP convention, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. wasn’t indulging in election-year rhetoric … Continue reading

Treasury tells how to comply with offshore account law – Reuters

Treasury is gradually implementing 2010′s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, a controversial statute that is shaking the foundations of financial secrecy worldwide. “Today’s announcement is an important milestone in our joint efforts …

Senate Passes Democrats’ Plan to Extend Most Tax Cuts – Bloomberg

In the presidential and congressional campaigns, the parties will seek to draw contrasts on the tax issue for voters. After the election, Congress will have less than two months to act before the tax cuts expire and automatic spending cuts … Continue reading

Who Deserves a Tax Break? – New York Times

The tax credits were part of Mr. Obama’s 2009 stimulus law and thus have no currency with Republicans, several of whom said on the Senate floor on Wednesday that they were only intended to be temporary. But the Bush tax … Continue reading

Nanny Payroll & Tax Firm Simplifies Tax and Legal Aspects of Hiring a Household Employee – San Francisco Gate

“Every year, we have several dozen families come to us with tax or legal problems,” said Stephanie Breedlove, Founder of Breedlove & Associates. “Usually, the mistake is due to misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the law. So, we decided to share … Continue reading