Military Law

Two police officers under investigation after video emerges of them ‘bullying children at their own military-style boot camp’ – Daily Mail

Two police officers are under investigation for running a military-style ‘boot camp’ for troubled children on weekends. Officers Ismael Gonzalez and Alex Nava have been running the disciplinary program at a Hollywood school every Saturday since February.

LAPD officers investigated for ‘military-style’ boot camp – Los Angeles Times

Officials from the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating two officers who allegedly operated a military-style boot camp for kids that employed harsh physical methods. The Juvenile Intervention Program, which bills itself on its website …

Military Mental Health Crisis Exposed With Camp Liberty Killings – Bloomberg

Russell, the chaplain wrote, “believes he is better off dead.” It was 10:07 a.m. on May 11, 2009. The battalion, military police and combat stress specialists had three hours and 34 minutes to avert tragedy. Instead, after lost opportunities …

Military personnel exempt from potential defense cuts, but lawmakers wonder what else – Washington Post

Acting Office of Management and Budget Director Jeffrey Zients (Zye-ence) said Tuesday what military leaders had been suggesting for months — the president would exercise his authority under the budget law and spare uniformed men and women.

Rebels in Syria’s Largest City Said to Seize 2 Police Stations – New York Times

Abdul Jabbar al-Okeidi, the head of the Aleppo military council of the Free Syrian Army, the largest armed resistance group in Syria. “There are no more policemen, just security forces and thugs and snipers.” Analysts said the Syrian police …

Israel’s military service law for ultra-Orthodox expires – Reuters

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli law that exempts ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students from military service expired on Wednesday under a court ruling, a highly emotive issue that has shaken Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition …

Rights Group Slams Burmese Military on Rohingya Violence – Voice of America

it says police and paramilitary trooped fired on Rohingya communities. Rights workers interviewed both Arakan and Ronhingya communities. A Rohingya man recounts how his house was raided by the military. He explains how the military searched all the homes.

Syria rebels overrun Aleppo police stations, kill 40 –

Syrian rebels attacked key military targets and overran two police stations in Aleppo, killing 40 officers, a watchdog said, as the pivotal battle for the commercial capital raged on Tuesday. Clashes between the rebels and loyalists of President Bashar al … Continue reading

As military siege of Syria’s largest city stretches on, food is in short supply –

Life for Aleppo’s 3 million residents was becoming increasingly unbearable as a military siege entered its 11th day. While rebels seized two police stations, Syrian ground forces pummeled the opposition strongholds of Salaheddine and Seif al …

US audit: $200M wasted on Iraqi police training – Himalayan Times

The Police Development Program- which was drawn up to be the single largest State Department program in the world – was envisioned as a five-year, multibillion-dollar push to train security forces after the U.S. military left last December.