Yonke & Pottenger Discuss Important Safety Laws Highlighted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol

(LegalLaw247.com, November 10, 2011 ) Kansas City, MO -- The Missouri State Highway Patrol recently highlighted an important safety law regarding which lane of traffic motorists choose to occupy in an attempt to remind travelers of the importance of highway safety. Missouri laws state that drivers of two-lane highways can use the facing lane to pass a car in front of them if it is safe to do so. On larger highways, the left-most lane can be used for this purpose, but not for everyday driving.

A driver is required to use the right lane of a highway for driving

and the left for passing, making left-hand turns, or letting others onto the highway through entrance ramps. Once the driver has passed or made a turn, the law mandates that drivers return to the right lane. Failure to observe safety laws may put drivers, passengers, and others on the road in danger of a serious accident. Drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road may be held accountable for any injuries that occur to others. The Kansas City personal injury lawyers of Yonke & Pottenger, LLC are prepared to help individuals who have been hurt in a car accident caused by negligent or careless driver.

Yonke & Pottenger, L.L.C. is a personal injury litigation firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Our mission is aggressive and compassionate advocacy for the seriously injured or the families of those killed through negligence. The experienced the motor vehicle accident attorneys of the firm are prepared to help individuals who have been injured in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. For more information or our complete list of services, visit the website at http://www.yplawfirm.com.

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