Idaho Teen Dies While Texting and Driving: Parents Want Idaho to Ban the Activity

(, April 09, 2012 ) BOISE, ID- LegalView, a leading online legal resource, has chronicles another distracted driving story to warn drivers about the potential dangers of texting while driving to help reduce auto accidents in the United States.

Eighteen year-old Taylor Sauer made a fatal mistake while behind the wheel. She was texting every 90 seconds while making the four-hour drive home from Idaho State University to her parents' house on January 14.

Ironically, the last text she sent before slamming into a tanker truck at 80 miles per hour was, Driving and Facebooking is not safe! Haha.

Now, Sauer's parents are trying to use her tragic story to change Idaho law and make texting while driving illegal.

While many states have made texting while driving illegal, Idaho is one of 13 that has not. It is estimated that distracted driving, which includes texting while driving, causes thousands of automobile accidents every year, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The Sauers' fight may pay off. The proposed texting while driving ban has already passed the Idaho State Senate and traveled to the house in March 2012. However, many house representatives want to change the ban to allow emergency workers to text and drive as part of their job duties.

While on the Today show, the Sauers explained that Taylor may have been texting and driving to stay awake, but that is still not a very good reason to do it. They believe that teenagers do not see texting as dangerous because they are so proficient at it. Coupled with the believe that teenagers think they are invincible, convincing younger generations about the dangers of distracted driving has been difficult.

Taylor was texting with her friend about the football team the Denver Broncos. When her friend was interviewed by the Today show, he said that he had no idea that she was driving until he received her last text message.

The Sauers described their daughter as intelligent, loving and loyal. She was at Idaho State University studying to become an elementary school teacher. The Sauers say that their daughter wanted to take on the world, so they are fighting for this ban because it is the kind of thing that their daughter would have done.

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