The Ramji & Associates Personal Injury Law Firm Announces Big Changes for 2012.

(, April 06, 2012 ) Houston, Texas -- Having already helped thousands of people in the area, the Ramji & Associates Personal Injury Law Firm today announces some big changes for the upcoming year.

These include a new and more easily accessible office, to be located at 2920 Virginia Street in Houston.

The expansion comes following recent success for the firm, who have already helped thousands of plant workers in Texas who have becomes exposed to Benzene, a toxic chemical.

We also represent dozens of victims of the drugs Actos and Avandia who are seeking to obtain compensation for their unsafe qualities Azar Ramji, owner of the firm, also an experienced Houston Injury Attorney and Actos Attorney.

This month also happens to be Distracted Driving Month, an awareness event in which the firm actively participates. With their vast experience in personal injury claims, the firm is working hard to lower the number of lives lost due to distracted drivers, often throwing up cases of Diminished Value.

Wanting to diversify their services, the Ramji & Associates Law Firm is also diversifying during the upcoming year, branching out to provide legal name changes.

In Texas, its possible to change your name through a petition which is a basically a law suit. As experienced Texas Name Change attorneys, our firm can help you complete the process smoothly Ramji adds.

Continuing, For 2012 I am trying to encompass and specialize in the most fundamental areas of law. Personal Injury cases have always been my firms expertise but branching out and covering more areas of the law is what makes my firm unique.

With a busy year ahead of them, the firm is excited about the changes and the new opportunities they will bring.

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About Azar Ramji

Azar Ramji is not only a Houston Personal Injury Attorney he also is a doctor and therefore understands your medical needs. After graduation in 2004 he began his legal career as an attorney successfully fighting for the rights of those who have been injured. Prior to his legal career, attorney Ramji was practicing as a doctor, treating injuries due to auto, work and many more. Attorney Ramji is licensed in all courts of the State of Texas and is a member of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association and Texas Trial Lawyers Association. Azar has focused his talents on representing those who have been injured by the negligence of others.

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