Combating Poverty, Welfare & Homelessness- Cochran Firm Reports on Beyond Shelter

(, February 20, 2013 ) Dothan, AL -- Beyond Shelter is a non-profit organization that has been serving an increasing number of homeless families in the Los Angeles area since 1988. The mission of the agency is to combat poverty and homelessness by providing comprehensive services and programs that promote family economic security and well-being. Over the past twenty years, more than 4,300 homeless families have participated successfully in the Los Angeles program. Included below is a brief summary about the programs and services provided by Beyond Shelter.

Housing First – Housing First serves as an answer to some of the shortcomings of emergency shelter/transitional housing systems as a solution to homelessness. Housing First is not only a rapid re-housing program that helps homeless families move quickly into affordable rental housing, but they also then provides those families six months to one full year of individualized case management support enabling them to attain improved social and economic well-being.

Service-Enriched Housing –Beyond Shelter has promoted the term “service-enriched housing” to represent housing communities where an in-house service coordinator links residents to community programs and activities that could enhance their lives. Beyond Shelter has grown to have a total of eight of these service-enriched housing developments in Central and South Los Angeles and have seen great success with what they hoped to achieve. Each site has community rooms for classes and meetings and access to social services provided by the service coordinator who oversees the provision of crisis intervention and case management services. Many developments have children’s activity areas, libraries, computer laboratories and outdoor recreational spaces for games and sports.

Welfare to Work – This initiative seeks to help families become self-sufficient and get off of government assistance programs like welfare. Each client will be assigned to a case manager and employment counselor who will work collaboratively on a client’s behalf. Welfare to Work case managers and employment counselors work hard to fight a variety of barriers to employment like lack of transportation or childcare and shortages in training. They also understand that clients may be struggling with psychological barriers such as anxiety, low self-esteem and patterns of domestic violence and/or drug use.

For more information on the programs and services offered by Beyond Shelter or to find a location, interested persons may call (213) 252-0772 or visit their website

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