Defense Outlet Store Signs Hip Hop Artist Absoloot to Non Lethal Weapons Campaign




(, February 19, 2013 ) Miami, Florida -- Defense Outlet Store introduced Absoloot, an artist and advocate for peace, to its promotional campaign promoting non lethal self defense weapons. In light of recent high-profile gun violence and protest on gun control, the retailer intends to change the focus of the discussion to less-lethal options for civilians.

International hip hop artist Absoloot has emerged as one of music’s most powerful voices through his talent and the help of his label As I Am Records. With his passion, versatility and personal experience, he infuses intelligent lyrics and sophisticated instruments to create a deep message for listeners to grasp. Absoloot uses his influence to point out specific issues of contemporary concern around world politics that not only affect his community but the general public as a whole. A notable philanthropist, Absoloot devotes 50% of his sales back to charities that reach out to families in need.

Defense Outlet Store provides individual self defense products or pre-packaged kits of items to help civilians protect themselves. We offer a wide variety of products to give the consumer a better sense of security including stun guns, tasers, and pepper spray. In addition, expandable stun batons, lipstick pepper spray, and flashlight stun guns are offered as well. Customers can find all their needs in one place personal alarms, animal repellants, blow guns and slingshots are available along with state of the are technology not found in many places.

Defining non lethal weapons is no easy task. Defense Outlet Store is committed to significantly reduce the probability of permanent injury and fatalities through gun violence. A marketing campaign featuring the rapper Absoloot will promote self defense products and the benefits they provide for individuals who would otherwise find it difficult to protect them and their families when necessary

All products are available for purchase online via the company’s e-commerce website. A 90-day 100% money back guarantee is offered with each product. All orders are protected by Secure Socket Layer web server certificate, personal data is encrypted, and UPS ground shipping is free for orders over $100.

To view the non lethal self defense weapons from Defense Outlet Store, visit

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Defense Outlet Store/ AsIam Records
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