Electrolux Class Action Suit Claims Dryers are Defective

(LegalLaw247.com, February 15, 2013 ) New York, NY – A class action lawsuit against Electrolux is claiming that the company designed, manufactured and marketed clothes dryers which contain serious and dangerous defects. It has been alleged that lint can accumulate in areas which are inaccessible to the consumer and ignite in the extreme heat of the dryer.

In light of these allegations, the attorneys working with ClassAction.org are offering a free case review to any consumer who purchased an Electrolux clothes dryer to help determine whether they can join the class action suit. To receive your free case review, please visit http://www.classaction.org/electrolux-dryers.html today.

The plaintiff in the class action suit purchased her dryer, designed, manufactured, and sold by Electrolux, in February 2009. The dryer purchased by the plaintiff, as well as those similarly situated, is alleged to contain a design and manufacturing defect. According to the suit, the defect will cause the dryer to function improperly, resulting in damage to laundry and posing an unreasonable risk of fire, property damage and injury. The plaintiff claimed that because of the defect, her dryer had to be serviced multiple times - within three years of the purchase date - to remove lint which had accumulated in the fan/blower area.

According to the suit, the expected useful life of a dryer is 13 years. It has been alleged, however, that the defect is likely to prevent the dryers from being used as intended during their expected, useful lives. If you have experienced problems with an Electrolux dryer, visit ClassAction.org today for more information and to receive a free evaluation of your claim.

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