Texting & Driving Continues to Plague Arizona Warns Phillips Law Group

(LegalLaw247.com, February 24, 2013 ) PHOENIX, AZ – Almost 80 percent of all motor vehicle collisions on Arizona’s roads and highways today are caused by some type of driver distraction. As cell phone use in the United States continues to reach new heights, the general safety of all roadways is compromised. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that texting and driving is the top cause of distracted driving today, raising serious concerns for Arizona motorists.

In a study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, it was discovered that a driver who is texting while behind the wheel is 23 times more likely to be in a motor vehicle collision than other drivers. Proving negligence in a typical auto accident case can be hard; proving that texting while driving caused an auto accident can be even more difficult.

As a result, it is imperative to speak with distracted driving accident lawyers know how to gather the necessary evidence, such as cell phones and cell phone records, in order to pinpoint the cause of an accident. With over $14 million in successful verdicts for our clients, Phillips Law Group feels very strongly that negligent drivers must be held responsible for their actions and is fight for maximum compensation benefits for accident victims in Arizona.

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The Phillips Law Group is committed to helping all those who have been injured by the actions of another in the state of Arizona. The personal injury attorneys at the Phillips Law Group have a wealth of knowledge and experience in auto injury claims, premises liability, dangerous drug litigation, medical malpractice and product liability claims.

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