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(LegalLaw247.com, August 11, 2013 ) Columbus, OH – Amusement park rides are responsible for dozens of injuries each year ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones and head traumas. Of course, the most serious form of amusement park ride mishaps hands down is wrongful death.

According to the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 8,800 people were treated in the emergency room for theme park ride injuries throughout 2006. This means that the actual total number of injuries is even greater. Some common causes of amusement park ride injuries include:

• Improper Operation
• Inherent Nature of the Ride
• Mechanical Failure
• Passenger Negligence

In the state of Ohio, we have several amusement parks which offer fun for the whole family. Our attorneys want to advise everyone to follow all ride instructions and be responsible while riding these amusement park rides. Some amusement parks, theme parks, and waterparks throughout Ohio include:

• Cedar Point
• Coney Island Amusement Park
• Kinds Island
• Memphis Kiddie Park
• Sticker’s Grove
• The Beach
• Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom
• Soak City
• Zoombezi Bay Water Park

With summer coming to a close on September, 21st, we still have plenty of time to enjoy these outstanding Ohio theme parks, therefore the members of our law firm have collected some safety tips for riding roller coasters and other rides. Some theme park ride safety tips include:

• Always keep your hands, head, arms, and legs inside the ride
• Ask the employees questions
• Do not get on a ride that appears poorly maintained
• If you see something unsafe, say something
• Keep your eyes forward and your head up to prevent neck injuries
• Never stand up while the ride is in motion
• Obey the listed age, height, weight, and health restrictions
• Take breaks between rides
• Wait for instructions to remove safety devices following ride
• Watch the ride first

Our Columbus personal injury attorneys wish everyone an excellent summer and hope that everyone enjoys all of the theme parks throughout Ohio, while riding them responsibly. If you have any questions about theme park safety or have been injured on a ride, we welcome you to contact us at 877-288-3241 or visit us at www.oal-law.com today.

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