Simien & Simien Remind Louisianans Sinkholes Not an Imminent Threat


(, August 24, 2013 ) BATON ROUGE, LA — Recently captured video of a group of trees quickly being swallowed up by an enormous sinkhole serves as a reminder that Louisiana occasionally experiences these natural occurrences, but they are not a constant threat.

Stephen Chustz, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources reminds residents that, “these movements do not present a new threat to public safety,” although the video is disturbing and many residents became frightened upon its release.

“I can certainly understand the concerns of those who saw the slough footage released Wednesday who may be seeing sinkhole movement for the first time,” Chustz continued. He assured that the department had done everything in its power to maintain a safe environment following the sinkhole movement and that the public does not need to worry about an imminent threat of sinkholes in light of the incident.

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