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(, August 13, 2013 ) Orlando, Fla - What began as an enjoyable vacation in Orlando for some ended in a resort villa being swallowed by a sinkhole.

As the resort villa began sinking late Sunday evening, by early Monday morning almost two thirds of the entire structure had collapsed, while all of the 105 guests had been evacuated.

The sinkhole spanned 100-feet around and was able to take out one of the three-story units, while the other two units are now being inspected for safety purposes.

Many of the guests staying in the villa reported how terrifying the incident was and how they could hear the pops of the metal, along with concrete and glass breaking. Some of the guests even had trouble exiting their rooms as their doors would not open.

Prior to this incident, there were no signs that a sinkhole was developing, while the resort had gone through geological testing when it was first built around 15 years ago. This testing showed no signs that the ground was unstable.

In Florida, sinkhole damage causes millions of dollars in damage each year. A few months ago a man was swallowed by a sinkhole while sleeping in his bed and his body has yet to be uncovered. Although fatalities and injuries associated with sinkholes are rare, they are common due to Florida’s geology.

Florida sits on limestone, which is a porous rock, with clay on top that is easily dissolved in water. Thus, the thicker the clay, in some locations, may make some areas more prone to sinkholes than others. Plus, with Florida’s extreme weather and rain, along with aquifer pumping, construction, and heavy development, Florida is more prone to sinkholes than other states sitting on limestone.

The West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys at Gordon & Doner are extremely familiar with Florida’s sinkholes and have gathered some safety tips to help inform the people of Florida on how to recognize a sinkhole. Some safety tips are as follows:

• Be aware of sinkholes during times of heavy rain
• Call 9-1-1 and advise them of any sinkholes nearby
• Check fields before performing any machine related activities
• Circular patches may appear in your yard
• Contact your insurance agency if the sinkhole is on your property
• Deep cracks may appear in concrete walkways and driveways
• Depressions may appear around your yard
• Do not go near or down in the sinkhole
• If possible, cover the sinkhole and barricade area
• Keep children away from sinkholes
• Keep heavy machinery far away from sinkholes
• Look for cracks in joint areas of home, windows, or doors
• Watch for water dispersing from the grounds surface
• Windows will become harder to close properly

If you have experienced any sinkhole damage and your insurance agency if failing to hold onto their end of the bargain, or if you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a sinkhole, we welcome you to contact us today at 1-855-722-2552 today or visit us at

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