The Eichholz Firm Provides Tips on Preventing Football Injuries


(, August 02, 2013 ) Savannah, GA – As football season is approaching, athletes must be aware of the dangers associated with this contact sport and how to avoid injuries by taking the necessary precautions.

Over 500,000 football injuries occur each year, which is double the amount of any other sport, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine. In order to help prevent these injuries from continuing, our attorneys want to provide athletes and coaches with a few safety tips.

1. Establish proper warm-up and cool-down routine
2. Establish strength training and stretching routine
3. Instruct on becoming adequately hydrated
4. Perform pre-health and wellness evaluations
5. Speak with trainer about any injuries
6. Speak with trainer about preventing injuries
7. Stay active during off-season
8. Practice good technique
9. Wear properly fitted protective equipment

According to the NCCSI, 34.6 percent of defensive backs suffer from football related injuries, which is largely due to the player’s activity level on the field. Some other percentages of injuries by position include:

• Quarterbacks (3.1%)
• Offensive Back (5.8%)
• Linebacker (9.5%)
• Wide Receiver (1.8%)
• Defensive End (2.1%)
• Defensive Line (3.4%)
• Offensive Line (1.8%)
• Punt Return (0.3%)
• Kick Return (4%)

By following these tips and maintaining contact with sports medicine and athletic training professionals, these athletes may be able to avoid becoming injured while training or taking part in the sport of football. For additional information we welcome you to call our Savannah personal injury attorneys at 1-888-997-4211 or visit us at today.

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