Drug Rehab Nashville Responds to Heroin Increase in Tennessee

(LegalLaw247.com, December 18, 2015 ) Nashville, TN -- Fox 6 News reports a sharp increase in heroin use in the state as an unintended result of the Prescription Safety Act of 2012. 2013's total heroin overdose death count was 17; in 2014 it increased to 41. By August of 2015 the death toll caused by heroin overdose had already surpassed the total for the previous year. Law enforcement and medical officials are warning of the dangers of heroin abuse and are now better equipped to handle the surge in heroin use rates.

Drug Rehab Nashville and other facilities offering addiction treatment in Nashville are also prepared to face the ramifications of heroin abuse in Tennessee. As a drug treatment facility in Nashville, Drug Rehab Nashville is intimately familiar with the substance abuse epidemic affecting not only the capital, but the entire state of Tennessee.

A representative of Drug Rehab Nashville comments,

"The first step to intervening with the current trends regarding heroin use in Tennessee is recognizing the root of the problem. While certain aspects of the increase can be traced back to the Prescription Safety Act, we cannot negate the successes of the act in decreasing prescription drug abuse. In order to see profound results against the addiction epidemic, we must turn our focus to increasing treatment options and laws geared toward help rather than punishment for drug offenders."

About Drug Rehab Nashville:
Serving all of the United States, Drug Rehab Nashville is a leader in the treatment of substance abuse recovery field. Using an individualized approach and state of the art methods, Drug Rehab Nashville is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure the ongoing sobriety of all its clients. The availability of referral services, life coaching sessions, and relapse support helps clients maintain sobriety for a lifetime.

For more information about the drug and alcohol rehab center, Drug Rehab Nashville, visit http://drugrehabnashville.org/ or call (615)348-5866 directly.

Drug Rehab Nashville
Drug Rehab Nashville Drug Rehab Nashville

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