New Formulated Puppy Training Pads To Be Soon Launched On Amazon.Co.UK


(, December 12, 2015 ) Durham, England, UK -- Based in Durham, England, Uploria Pet World today confirmed that they would soon be launching their new formulated product on The new product would be available for everyone having a pet dog and residing in the UK, and serves as a mini room for the pet dogs, designed by the experts to provide utmost comfort to the puppy.

To prevent the dog peeing everywhere in the house, the puppy pad is made with a super absorbent technology, utilising anti-leak and absorbing the foul smell as well. These factors prevent the risk of harmful diseases from spreading. It also saves the expensive furniture and carpets from dog pee stains.

In a recently held press meet, the CEO of the company said, "This product is a result of idea combined with innovation. The dogs, as being living organisms have a natural cycle too. And with this fast pacing world and multi-storey skyscrapers society, it has become difficult for people to help their dogs." He further added, "People can now train their puppies to use these pads when needed."

Sources confirmed that the company distributed a few puppy training pads to friends and relatives to know the feedback during the initial days of their operations. With all positive feedback, they decided to launch these puppy training pads for people across the UK. This product is designed to make it easier for people to train their puppies and maintain a hygienic environment at their home.

About Uploria Pet World:
Uploria Pet World is a Durham based Company located in northeast of England. The company has recently started providing various tips and techniques related to dog training.

Uploria Pet World
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Source: EmailWire.Com
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